About Sky Interests

Since 1982, Sky Interests, a Dallas, TX real estate company, has acquired, renovated, managed and leased underutilized properties. Sky Interests' consistent track record reflects success in converting underutilized commercial buildings into well performing, income-producing properties.

Through functional and feasible renovation, property management, and aggressive and creative leasing expertise, Sky Interests brings their properties to an occupancy-ready condition. Our mission is to offer affordable office or flex space with negotiable lease terms to both smaller & mid-sized companies. We strive to provide our tenants with personable and timely customer service.


We make it easy to find the right space to fit your business. Many commercial real estate firms work exclusively with larger businesses. However, Sky Interests’ focus is to work with this traditionally underserved market. We can provide small business owners’ many opportunities that are not easily found elsewhere.

Wide Variety of Properties – Sky Interests is constantly acquiring and renovating new properties, and as a result, they have access to a wide variety of rental spaces in many communities. Whether you are looking for restaurant, retail, office, or warehouse space, we certainly have something that will fit your needs.

Flexible Leasing Terms – Smaller businesses often find themselves in a ‘take it or leave it’ position when it comes to the lease terms that they are offered. However, Sky Interests understands that flexibility is a key consideration for smaller organizations. With our flexible lease terms, we make it easy for businesses to feel comfortable.

Competitive Rental Rates – Sky Interests’ provides competitive rental rates due to their unique method of identifying and purchasing underutilized space. We understand that keeping rents low and affordable enables our clients to succeed in the long-term.

If you own, or know of someone who owns, commercial properties that meet our area of focus, please contact us today! Sky Interests is always interested in building relationships with the Commercial Brokerage Community and learning more about the market every day.